Radio And Digital Sound Broadcasting Summit -
Africa 2024

Radio And Digital Sound - Using Technology To Deliver Content Listeners Want

18 - 19 June 2024

The Venue Green Park - Johannesburg, South Africa

Africa's Radio Broadcasting Convention

This event will offer a unique blend of keynotes, panels and networking sessions that foster collaboration, inspire new ideas, and promote the sharing of best practices, the industry summit will explore cutting-edge advancements and innovative practices in radio broadcasting, helping assess the multiple roles and responsibilities that will allow them to effectively handle and manage their changing role in society as digital media becomes a reality across the region.

Key Themes And Topics

Through a mixture of innovative presentations, executive sessions, group
discussions and country updates, key themes and topics for this summit will

✔ Understanding how digital Radio and audio platforms can generate revenue in the African market

✔ Leveraging data analytics and social media to understand and grow audiences for Radio

✔ Role of AI, machine learning, and blockchain in personalising listener experiences and protecting copyright

✔ Regulatory landscape for digital-enabled radio broadcasting

The Summit Will Feature

Hot-button trends that are impacting radio broadcasting industry in Africa right now

How industry players are looking to deal with AI and blockchain innovation

Understand the role(s) of regulations and policy frameworks to drive the development of digital-enabled radio services in Africa

How stakeholders and professionals can shape radio and audio platforms’ burgeoning digital content delivery

Learn what the market wants from experts conducting key industry research

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